Saturday, December 31, 2011

Now it's about time for me to post about who are the 2011 K-Pop best solo female..So here's the list:



HWAYOBI is a R&B singer..She is one the best female singers in Korea..She got a really soulful voice and very nice husky voice..For 2011 she came back with her single, I'M OK..And this song is so cool..It is a really good and a nice song from her but dunno why the song didn't get much attention from the fans..Apart from I'M OK, she also collaborating with ILLINIT in the song LOST where she nailed the song and had make the song even greater with her husky and soulful voice..


NAVI is actually very talented and she also has a very beautiful and powerful voice..This year she had release two single WELL DONE and DIARY and both of the songs are really nice and beautiful just like her voice..She might look gentle but this girl really can hit the high note effortlessly..


She was actually the lead singer in the girl group Baby V.O.X. After the group's breakup, she moved on to pursue a career as a solo singer..She can be considered as the original idol and she still active until now.. This year she came back with single like PAPARAZZI which is so catchy and the dance moves that are so cute..And later this year she released a single called WON'T MEET YOU who also as catchy as PAPARAZZI..Her other single this year is SUNSHINE featuring JUNSU from 2PM..


LIM JEONG HEE is one of the singers under JYP ENTERTAINMENT..Famously known for slow RnB song but this year she made a transformation with her GOLDEN LADY comeback..The song was well received by the fans and had earned a good place in the charts also.. GOLDEN LADY is a very cathcy song that kinda reminds us to BEYONCE's IRREPLACEABLE but whatever it is she is good..She is more famous on the street music scene than on television or the radio. Even before she had her official debut, Lim held countless street performances on her own which led to the creation of her multiple fan clubs.

6. JOO

JOO is another singer from JYP ENTERTAINMENT..She might looks small but this girl got a very powerful voice..Really beautiful and strong..Her single BAD GUY is a really great song and sad too.. She deliver this song powerfully and emotionally.. Apart from that she also collaborated with LEETEUK of SUPER JUNIOR in a song called ICE CREAM ..

5. PARK BOM ( 2NE1 )

PARK BOM is always great when doing solo hehe I've always thought like that actually hehe and this year she came back her hit single, DON'T CRY..Vocally there's nothing to be talk aboit as we had already know she has a powerful n great voice.. And this song is also great and addictive..


This girl is so cheeky n sexy haha.. She always outshine her members in 4MINUTE so that's why she was given the opportunity to go solo.. And her single BUBBLE POP is really great..It's fun and enjoyable.. And the song also receive recognition in overseas where it has been named as one of the best pop song for this year..The MV was also one of the most viewed video in YOUTUBE..


This girl is great.. She really have a good voice..When she's with SECRET she always the one who shines the most when it comes to vocal and for this year she went solo with her haunting single GOING CRAZY and the song is so fine..Really great and you won't get bored listening to the song..She can go solo in my opinion coz she got it all, the look, the voice and talent..

2. G.NA

G.NA has been one of the most successful female solo artist now and for this year she started off with BLACK & WHITE that had received great response and had won several music shows..The song is so catchy and quickly garnered attention of the fans..And on the 2nd half of this year she came back with TOP GIRL that also as great as BLACK & WHITE and also received positive response from the fans..

1. IU

There is no other singer that deserve to be in this place except IU..She is the best female singer for this year and probably the best K-Pop artist for this year also..She has created a phenomena over the years by relessing singles after singles that all became killer chart as it managed to be at the no 1 spot in all chart.. She started off with GOOD DAY and the song was a huge success as it came at the top spot in every national chart for more than 3 times.. After the success she starred in DREAM HIGH and also released the ost SOMEDAY that is so beautiful..The song also made a great success..

In middle of the year she released another single, THE STORY ONLY I DIDN'T KNOW which is a great ballad..The song also made a huge success.. And recently towards the end she released newest single, YOU & I that was soooooo good.. So great and cute just like GOOD DAY.. The song also a huge success and had won several music shows.. So, it is clearly that she is definitely 2011 K-POP BEST SOLO FEMALE

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missauditor said...

my all time favourite female celebrity in korea would be hwangbo! but for this list i am sadface because hyorin is not there. she won at least twice kot immortal song...

but it's ur list, so i zip up! thanks for sharing!