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Now it's about time for me to post about who are the 2011 K-Pop best solo female..So here's the list:



HWAYOBI is a R&B singer..She is one the best female singers in Korea..She got a really soulful voice and very nice husky voice..For 2011 she came back with her single, I'M OK..And this song is so cool..It is a really good and a nice song from her but dunno why the song didn't get much attention from the fans..Apart from I'M OK, she also collaborating with ILLINIT in the song LOST where she nailed the song and had make the song even greater with her husky and soulful voice..


NAVI is actually very talented and she also has a very beautiful and powerful voice..This year she had release two single WELL DONE and DIARY and both of the songs are really nice and beautiful just like her voice..She might look gentle but this girl really can hit the high note effortlessly..


She was actually the lead singer in the girl group Baby V.O.X. After the group's breakup, she moved on to pursue a career as a solo singer..She can be considered as the original idol and she still active until now.. This year she came back with single like PAPARAZZI which is so catchy and the dance moves that are so cute..And later this year she released a single called WON'T MEET YOU who also as catchy as PAPARAZZI..Her other single this year is SUNSHINE featuring JUNSU from 2PM..


LIM JEONG HEE is one of the singers under JYP ENTERTAINMENT..Famously known for slow RnB song but this year she made a transformation with her GOLDEN LADY comeback..The song was well received by the fans and had earned a good place in the charts also.. GOLDEN LADY is a very cathcy song that kinda reminds us to BEYONCE's IRREPLACEABLE but whatever it is she is good..She is more famous on the street music scene than on television or the radio. Even before she had her official debut, Lim held countless street performances on her own which led to the creation of her multiple fan clubs.

6. JOO

JOO is another singer from JYP ENTERTAINMENT..She might looks small but this girl got a very powerful voice..Really beautiful and strong..Her single BAD GUY is a really great song and sad too.. She deliver this song powerfully and emotionally.. Apart from that she also collaborated with LEETEUK of SUPER JUNIOR in a song called ICE CREAM ..

5. PARK BOM ( 2NE1 )

PARK BOM is always great when doing solo hehe I've always thought like that actually hehe and this year she came back her hit single, DON'T CRY..Vocally there's nothing to be talk aboit as we had already know she has a powerful n great voice.. And this song is also great and addictive..


This girl is so cheeky n sexy haha.. She always outshine her members in 4MINUTE so that's why she was given the opportunity to go solo.. And her single BUBBLE POP is really great..It's fun and enjoyable.. And the song also receive recognition in overseas where it has been named as one of the best pop song for this year..The MV was also one of the most viewed video in YOUTUBE..


This girl is great.. She really have a good voice..When she's with SECRET she always the one who shines the most when it comes to vocal and for this year she went solo with her haunting single GOING CRAZY and the song is so fine..Really great and you won't get bored listening to the song..She can go solo in my opinion coz she got it all, the look, the voice and talent..

2. G.NA

G.NA has been one of the most successful female solo artist now and for this year she started off with BLACK & WHITE that had received great response and had won several music shows..The song is so catchy and quickly garnered attention of the fans..And on the 2nd half of this year she came back with TOP GIRL that also as great as BLACK & WHITE and also received positive response from the fans..

1. IU

There is no other singer that deserve to be in this place except IU..She is the best female singer for this year and probably the best K-Pop artist for this year also..She has created a phenomena over the years by relessing singles after singles that all became killer chart as it managed to be at the no 1 spot in all chart.. She started off with GOOD DAY and the song was a huge success as it came at the top spot in every national chart for more than 3 times.. After the success she starred in DREAM HIGH and also released the ost SOMEDAY that is so beautiful..The song also made a great success..

In middle of the year she released another single, THE STORY ONLY I DIDN'T KNOW which is a great ballad..The song also made a huge success.. And recently towards the end she released newest single, YOU & I that was soooooo good.. So great and cute just like GOOD DAY.. The song also a huge success and had won several music shows.. So, it is clearly that she is definitely 2011 K-POP BEST SOLO FEMALE

I'm going to list down some of the 2011's Best Drama Mv..Here's the list:



This MV is full of emotion.. It's about the guy who have died but still cannot leave his lover and thus still be around her everyday even though she couldn't see him..And the girl still cannot forget about his lover and always thinkin bout him and sometimes she feels like he is just around her..The guy feel reluctant to leave the girl and longing to come back to his lover but he can't.. Seriously this MV is so sad to me..Plus the great vocal that is so emotional and expressive..


This is one of the creepiest MV I've ever seen..Creepy + Heart touching I must say..It's about this guy who are ugly and probably had some kind of disease that makes him becoming weird in terms of looks and because of that he's been treated like an alien and being hid in a prison ..I feel sad for the guy,he liked the girl because she saved him from the prison but she was the one who killed him too.This is such a sad mv...


This is also another meaningful MV as it contains many symbolism..One can have various interpretation when thEy watch this MV..My impression is that the married woman is older sister to the younger, blind girl, who is fascinated by the world she’s not exactly a part of (her sister and brother in-law’s life). Curiously, she gets to know their world by touching and smelling them and everything around them (which, I must agree, would make anyone uncomfortable!). It’s easy to sympathize with both parties — the older sister being led to unbearable frustration by misinterpreting her sister’s actions as an interest in her husband, and the younger girl, who simply wants to join in all she’s missing out on, naturally wanting to grow up.. Whatever it is this is a really good MV..


This MV also another great MV as it is full od drama and love story..It started with the guy who's being chased away probably bcoz he ha done some thing bad or crime and she bumped into this girl and hold her to hide away form being caught, and eventually they fell in love and one day the guy being chased once again and got caught and the girl had to live alone..She always thinkin bout that guy even after few years In think and always hope that she will meet him once again..So one day when she walk in the town she heard the music that the guy used to play for her but when she went to the place, she didn't see the guy and walked away when actually it is the guy that she loves that played the music ..So sad..


This is one of the saddest MV to me..Full of emotion and the MV really do justice to this beautiful song..It clearly conveys the meaning of the song well..It started with the girl go to the house of his ex- bf that are now happy with his gf/wife probably..She determined to revenge on her ex and the ex upon seeing her doesn't feel guilty or what but instead laughing and doesn't care about his ex.And then the girl remembers back the time when they were so happy together and the best part of this mv I think is when the girl compares the difference in look of her ex's face when they were in love and now when he has a new woman in his life..This MV is so sad and at the end the scene where the girl cried out her heart was really heart breaking for me..


This is another great MV.. This video tells the story of a girl who is in the hospital, because they think she's crazy. Everyone says he is her father, because he is a man older than her. But he is her lover. In the end she cries because she realizes that he will not return.. IU's beautiful voice and the storyline of the MV is definitely a great combination..


This is one of the best drama MV for this year..It is full of drama..Watching it makes me feel like I'm watching a korean drama instead of a MV..Full of tension,love,suspense and all those things that u will normally found in a drama..The actor also did a great job in this MV and his acting is so great until u feel like u want to cry seeing his acting..The ending was so sad, and i got goosebumps when the girl had to see the dead body of his lover..


This MV shouldn't be called an MV but rather a Mini Drama..haha The duration is about 16 minutes.. But the MV was so good..Full of drama..It's about this girl whose been raised up by a man whose actually the one who killed her father when she was a kid..She lives happily and starting to love the man as her father and friend without knowing the truth..The man also love the girl like his own daughter but still feel guilty over the death of the girl's father..One day the girl found out that the man is actually the one who killed her father and being forced to kill the man but she didn't have the heart to do it.. So sad and suspense..


This MV is so sad.. And definitely like a Korean drama..It started when the guy found a garbage bag in front of his house that consists of a girl in it..He saved the girl and the girl lived with him until the two started to harbor feelings towards each other..The guy feel happy as the girl seems like the one who is sent to heal his heart as he had lost his GF that was being kidnapped few years ago.. Suddenly one day he got a call from a mysterious guy who asked him the girl in his house now as an exchange for his gf who had lost few years ago..In the end the guy chose to sacrifice the girl for his gf..It is so sad when the girl begging to the guy not to leave her and hand her over to tha bad guy..


This is definitely the best drama MV for this year..It is made into 2 series of video and since they are related, I put them together as 2011 K-POP BEST DRAMA MV..A very very sad and overall touching piece. Along with Huh Gak’s emotional voice, this MV can move people to tears TT_TT..

This 2-part MV starts with the two best friends Hyun Jin and Junhyung spying on some gangster guys (let’s call them Gang A) because Gang A had killed Hyun Jin’s father previously and they were waiting for the opportunity to excrete revenge. As they discuss their plan for revenge, Junhyung spots Sora attempting to commit suicide and they hurriedly rush over to stop her. Sora sees Hyun Jin and falls in love with him at first sight, and vice versa. As the days go by, Hyun Jin gradually spends more and more time with Sora, neglecting his plan of avenging his father. One night, Junhyung spots an opportune time to attack Gang A and tries relentlessly to contact Hyun Jin, who at that moment was spending quality time with Sora. Unable to get Hyun Jin, Junhyung decides to take things into his own hands and attempts to attack Gang A, only to wind up getting thrashed himself.

Upon learning what had happened, Hyun Jin rushes over after saying goodbye to Sora, only to be greeted by an angry and battered-up Junhyung. Anger clouds his mind, and he heads over to Gang A for revenge. Meanwhile, the blissfully ignorant Sora awaits him at the bus stop and sends him a message which she never got a reply for. Despite being severely outnumbered, Hyun Jin tackles some gangsters from Gang A. Just when he was on the verge of collapsing, Junhyung arrives to help, and the two best friends together fight for their lives. Just as everything seemed to be going well for the two friends, a member from Gang A appears in front of Hyun Jin, wanting to show something in his wallet to him. Blinded by anger, he plunges at the gangster and punches him till he dies, only then finally realizing what the man had been trying to show him - a photo of him and Sora. Appalled and shocked at the fact that he had just singlehandedly killed Sora’s father, another gangster took advantage of his dazedness and backstabbed him twice. Junhyung flings the guy away, but while pushing Hyun Jin out of the way, he himself got stabbed by the gangster and dies.

Hyun Jin stumbles out and drives away to see Sora for one last time before he dies, who had been getting more and more upset as she waited, slowly beginning to believe that Hyun Jin had abandoned her. Obviously in no condition to drive, Hyun Jin accidentally drove on the wrong side of the road, crashing into a car just as he was approaching the bus stop. Determined to see her for one last time, he painfully crawls over to the bus stop where Sora was supposed to be. But it was empty. He finally dies, full of regrets.. Definitely, THE 2011 K-POP BEST DRAMA MV..

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For this post I'm going to list down some of the best K-POP dance & drama MV for 2011..

Let's start with best dance mv first..



This MV is so sexyyy haha maybe a lil bit provocative to those underage haha But the reason why I include this MV in this list is because the dance is really interesting..Yeah of course it's some how look like too cheap and sexy but still it's very fun and cute at the same time..It makes u feel like u want to dance along with her when u watch this MV especially the " BUBBLE BUBBLE BUBBLE POP, BUBBLE BUBBLE POP POP " part hehe..


This MV is so freakkin fun and cool especially the dance part..It is so interesting and fun and it really makes u feel like u want to stand up and dance along with them..From the beginning to the end all the dance moves are really great..It has that Spanish or Latino vibe, like a matador something like that..So fun and cool and all the members dance really well and makes u wanna dance like them..


WONDER GIRLS are back.... hehe.. And they come back with this cute MV that is full of fun and cute dance moves..Seriously the moment u watch this MV u will be attracted to the dance moves as it is too cute.. And the dance moves also had created a phenomena among other K-pop artist also..


This MV is so colourful and of course the dance moves are so great..Especially the "LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA " part hehe so catchy and makes u wanna dance along with them..


SNSD also make a comeback this year with a more fierce look and concept and stronger and powerful also..And all of that are clearly potrayed in this MV..Just look at the dance moves of this MV, u will find that SNSD is really a great dancer..


This MV proves the power of SUPER JUNIOR as their dance moves are so cool and great..People will tend to dance along when it comes to the chorus part as it is so catchy and makes u want to dance..


This MV was spectacular, awesome and so greattt.. The dance moves are crazily good especially the famous " SCORPION DANCE ".. And the members also dance really well and synchronized.. Perfect song and perfect dance moves..


This MV is crazily awesome..Everything about this MV to me is too great and powerful just like the song.. The dance moves are superb especially the part " BAM RATATATA TATATATATA " Hahaha it really makes us want to do that more n more again and dance along with them.. And the concept of the MV also very dark and mysterious..


Well this MV was so fun and great as the dance moves are so cheeky,fun and cute..It kinda brings u back to disco era and definitely will make u feel u wanna dance all day along with its catchy beats and dance moves.. Once u watch this, u won't stop dancing along to it..


This MV is definitely the best among all as the dance moves really caused a phenomena and it is so cool n great..Really makes u feel like u're some kind of stupid coz it is so hard to dance like them..Freakinn hard I must say but still it was really awesome..The dance moves really cool and therefore it is clearly that this MV is definitely 2011 K-POP BEST DANCE MV..


Now, I would like to present the list of among the best duo or featuring songs for this year..Here's the list:



This collaboration is really great coz their voice blend together really well.. Who would have thought that KIM YUNA can actually sing and having a sweet voice also?? The powerful voice n sweetness of both of them make this song such a beautiful song


This song is actually the sequel to MA BOY by SISTAR19 and it even features HYORIN.. This collaboration is really awesome as the song is just as catchy as MA BOY especially the chorus part " MA GIRL, MA GIRL MA GIRL MA GIRL " and also the part " I WANNA SEE YOU GIRL, GIVE ME A HOLLA " so good... The powerful n sexy voice of HYORIN blends well with the charismatic rap by the ELECTROBOYZ..


This is one of the greatest collaboration for me this year but it didn't received much attention since the song was not being heavily promoted..It's really a lost coz the song was really great..The powerful rap by ILLINIT plus heavenly voice of HWAYOBI really make this song a great song..I really love HWAYOBI'S part in this song..I believe whoever listen to her part will fall in love with this song..



This is another powerful and beautiful collaboration for this year..Powerful and beautiful voice of both of them really made this song such a beautiful song..The voice of KIM BUM SOO is crazily powerful and TAEYEON's voice is so beautiful and together they made this song great..


This collaboration is probably the sweetest and the cutest ever coz the nice n sexy voice of JAY PARK and the sweet n beautiful voice of KANG MIN KYUNG make this song such a lovely song to listen..KANG MIN KYUNG just make this song even sweeter in addition to fun and great rap by JAY PARK..


This collaboration is epic as two of the best people in hip hop n RnB work together.. This was such a great song..Both of them blend together well n complement each other greatly..TAEYANG'S voice was superb in this song.


This is also another great collaboration as powerful voice of HEO YOUNG SAENG is so blend in with sexy rapping by HYUNA..And this song also great and worth listening.. Really love this song coz it keeps me wanting more and more..


This collaboration was also a great one as it is so powerful and the song is kinda haunting you as it is too good.. Powerful n beautiful voice of JIEUN and strong & charismatic rap of BANG YONG GUK made this song one of the best collaboration this year..


This female duo is definitely the best.. Their voice together is enough to make u shut up and listen to them singing.. And this song proves their power vocal and their strong vocal really makes this song as one of the greatest song for this year..LEE HAERI and KANG MIN KYUNG really have a beautiful n powerful voice that will definitely make u feel at peace n at the same time mesmerized with their voice..So, clearly that they are 2011 BEST DUO/FEATURING


For this post, I'm going to list down the songs that I think were a lil bit unfortunate because probably they were released at a wrong time as they came out during other songs from other big names in K-Pop industry were also released..The songs are actually really good and deserve to be at the top spot in every weekly music shows like KBS MUSIC BANK, SBS INKIGAYO, MNET COUNTDOWN or MBC MJUSIC CORE..So, here's the list:



This song is actually really good and deserve to be at NO 1 spot at least once but UNFORTUNATELY, it was released around the same time as BEAST- FICTION which was a big hit among fans so that's why this song hardly get to be at the top spot even though the songs was really cool and great..


This song is also another great song for this year..It has all the qualities of a No 1 song but UNFORTUNATELY, the time it was released is probably wrong as other songs like F(X)- PINOCCHIO, BIG BANG - LOVE SONG and CN BLUE - INTUITION were also being released around that time..Perhaps if it didn;t have to compete with all of these songs, probably they will get a better place in music shows..


Even though SECRET have been doing well this year with their SHY BOY & STARLIGHT MOONLIGHT, but UNFORTUNATELY, for this song they failed to achieve the same success..Not to say this songs doing badly,no it was a success also but it's just didn't get to be at No 1 spot despite of a great and catchy tunes of this song.. This song really deserve to be at the top as it is really strong but it had to compete with SNSD - THE BOYS at the time their song was released so that's why this song didn't get the chance to be at the top spot..


This song is soooooooooooooooooo great..Wonder why it never reached No 1 spot in every music shows.. Compared to other songs of theirs, I personally think this song is the best song from them ever.. It was so good,powerful and strong..It possess all the qualities of a No 1 song but UNFORTUNATELY, it was released around the same time with SNSD - THE BOYS and WONDER GIRLS - BE MY BABY so, having the 2 of the biggest names of K-Pop industry as your competitors, really an unfortunate things for them..


MBLAQ is definitely having a bad luck since their debut as they really struggle to gain attention from fans.. BEAST who debuted in the same year and around the same time as them had already become the A-List name in K-Pop industry but they still didn't receive the same recognition.. And for this song, I can only say, it was really illogical for this kind of songs not to be at No 1 spot..The song,the lyrics, the dance moves and the beats of the songs, all of them are great and nothing was wrong with it but UNFORTUNATELY, it had to compete with 2NE1 - I AM THE BEST, T-ARA ROLY POLY and MISS A - GOODBYE BABY.. It's really frustrating that a great song like this didn't receive the recognition that it deserved..

Now, is the list for the most underrated songs for 2011.These songs are actually good and deserved more attention and better place in the charts but probably because they are not really among the big names in the K-Pop industry so that is why the're being underrated...Here's the list:



Dunno why but I think this song is great..So good and emotional but it didn't receive enough attention form fans..


This song is actually really catchy and fun.. But still probably because they're not really popular their song didn't receive enough attention..I really have a feeling that if this song was sung by other big names in K-Pop such as SNSD or WONDER GIRLS perhaps this song wouldn't receive this kind of treatment..


This is another great song to me but it didn't receive much attention from the fans..The song, the dance moves and the MV, everything was great to me but still, it's being underrated..


Even though SS501 is one of the A-List artist in K-Pop industry but still this song has been underrated..This song is really great..The melody, the dance moves especially was so good.. I don't get it how come this song being underrated..


I really love this song coz it kinda reminds of BEYONCE - IRREPLACEABLE.. It was so great and catchy..But fans seem not really care or enjoy this song and as a result, it didn't receive enough attention and being underrated..


This song is really great.. I find it very sweet and cute and the dance moves are also awesome.. The vocals of the members for this song especially DANIEL and JISU are really good but since DALMATIAN is not really a big name in K-pop industry so that's why this song being underrated..


RAINBOW actually is a good group but still until today they didn't really receive enough popularity and attention from fans..And this song was soooooo good..Catchy and makes you want to listen to it more n more..The dance moves, vocal, the MV everything was great.. Perhaps if this song belongs to SNSD things would be different rite??


U-KISS is probably the most underrated group in K-Pop industry haha Since their debut, the have never received or reached no 1 spot in all music shows..And as for this songs, I dunno the reason why but this songs are soooooooooooooooooooo great. Freakin great I must say haha The beat, the dance moves and the song itself to me is nearly perfect..I dunno why people underrated this song..


I'm really pissed off when talkin bout this group..They are FREAKKKKIN GREATTTT I always think WHY THE HELL are fans don't give them much attention..They are so great ok? And this song was too great too be underrated to me.. Love this song so much..Everything about this song is so good, the melody, the MV, the rap part, the vocal and the dance moves.. This song was created by the same composer of CN BLUE - LOVE so if that song was well received and so popular then why don't this song received same recognition when it was equally good?? That is why I said this song is being underrated just because they're not the A-List name in K-Pop industry.. I bet if it is CN BLUE that sing this song, it's gonna be a huge hit..


Remember in the previous post I have named INFINITE as 2011 MOST IMPROVED ARTIST? Well this song is actually the song that supposed to receive the right attention and popularity from the fans..This song is PERFECT..yes I think this song is so great, so so so great until I feel like I want to throw a stone to my TV every time I saw this song didn't get a better place in the music shows.. How stupid for the fans not to give enough attention to this song when it is really good and even greater than most of the A-List artists' song that sometimes even I don't get it why people underrated this song and go for the song by those big names in the K-POP when it was actually were not really good.. This song was perfect from the music,melody,the dance moves,the rap part, the MV and the vocal especially..It is thru this song that I started to realize their potential to be standing in the same level as other big names in K-Pop industry..In fact many experts in K-POP also said that if this song belongs to 2PM or BIG BANG probably it would receive more attention..

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Ok now, I'm going to list down 2011 BEST SUB UNIT,so here there are:



AFTER SCHOOL RED is actually a sub unit group of AFTER SCHOOL in which the 'red' sub-unit features a firm, powerful sexy concept. The member of the Red unit are KAHI, JUNG AH, UEE and NANA. Their single is IN THE NIGHT SKY.. What's good about them is that they really embody the concept of a powerful sexy lady well thru their songs and their dance moves..


If AFTER SCHOOL RED features the firm,powerful sexy concept, AFTER SCHOOL BLUE carries a totally opposite concept as the 'blue' sub-unit have a cute and bright concept. The blue unit are JOOYEON, RAINA, LIZZY and E-YOUNG. Their single is WONDER BOY. Compared to AFTER SCHOOL RED, I love them more coz vocally, they are much stronger thanks to the existence of RAINA in this sub unit hehe and WONDER BOY to me a lil bit more catchy than IN THE NIGHT SKY.


Haha another AFTER SCHOOL sub unit hehe Nak wat camana, dorg jew yg rajin bwat sub unit ni hehe ORANGE CARAMEL is another sub unit of AFTER SCHOOL which actually debuted last year. For 2011, the have released 3 singles, BANGKOK CITY, SHANGHAI ROMANCE and FUNNY HUNNY..Each of the single is really catchy and fun..I think I personally love them more than AFTER SCHOOL haha coz dorg sentiasa come up with a bright and fun concept and lagu dorg smua best2..Not to forget, the dance moves yg cute sgt...

2. SISTAR 19

SISTAR 19 is a sub unit of SISTAR and debuted in MAY 2011 with their crazily & addictively single MA BOY.. SISTAR 19 Consists of BORA and HYORIN..MA BOY was a huge a success and really catch the attention of fans all over the world thanks to the cathcy songs and sexy wave dance moves haha Serius best giler lagu ni dgn dance moves dia every time dgr msti rasa nk ikut jgk bwat wave tu " MA BOY...OH MA BOY.. BABY" haha


TROUBLE MAKER is a sub unit group created by CUBE ENTERTAINMENT which consists of HYUN SEUNG from BEAST and HYUNA from 4MINUTE.They can be considered as the best sub unit this year as they have a really strong concept that make people forget totally their respective group.. The single TROUBLE MAKER quickly gain attention and had won
a MNet M! Countdown award for 2 consecutive weeks.. The sexy and provocative dance moves plus the uniqueness of the beat of the songs is the factor for the success of this sub unit besides the unexpected chemistry between HYUNA & HYUN SEUNG.The mv is also great as it was very mysterious..

So now is the list for 2011 MOST IMPROVED ARTIST, the criteria for this category is those who in the previous year can be considered as nothing or not the A-List singers in K-Pop industry but this year managed to establish themselves as one of the big names in K-Pop industry..Also, those who have made or bring a totally different concept than what they had been doing before..So here's the list:



SUNNY HILL originally had three members — Janghyun, Seungah, and Jubee, then added a fourth member, named Kota, and later in 2011 a fifth, named Misung. They debuted in 2007 and their music was described as warm and sunny, just like their name. Their goal was to load off your mind in music without necessarily winning any awards. So tha's why before this dorg kurang dpt perhatian and terkenal.. In 2010, dorg ada feature dlm lagu NARSHA - MAMMA MIA and the group got the name Narsha group since they weren't well known and a lot people asked who they were In 2011, they come back with a whole new concept with their single MIDNIGHT CIRCUS..This time they managed to break out of their old concept and gain attention form the fans..They received a lot of praise and attention for their transformation and especially their Ijin Dance, in which they wipe their fingers from the left to the right on the ground.. The song itself was really good, dark and sometimes kalo xkena gaya rasa cm seram pn ada haha very mysterious especially MV dia.. Best sgt.. After that, dorg release 2nd single, PRAY yg jgk best but the MV was really creepy to me huhu sgt interesting but scary haha..


SISTAR is a four-member South Korean girl group under the management of Starship Entertainment. The members are: Hyorin, Bora, Soyu and Dasom. They debuted last year but not really successful that year.. But this year is probably the luckiest year for them as they are now standing in the same level as other big names in K-Pop industry.. Starting from their sub unit SISTAR19 who were loved by many people to the appearance of HYORIN in KBS IMMORTAL SONGS that probably being the biggest factor that have contributed to their success now.HYORIN had managed to show and introduce SISTAR to the viewers of that show by her powerful vocal and performance each week that also had earned her the title " BEYONCE of Korea".. She totally the best contestants in that show and managed to get new fans and followers from that show.. SISTAR then release their first studio album with no 1 hit single, SO COOL..The single was really successful thanks to the effort of HYORIN..Now, SISTAR are considered as one of the big names in K-Pop industry.


SECRET is a four member group debuted in 2009 with members HYOSUNG,JIEUN,SUNHWA,and ZINGER.. They had been struggling to gain attention and popularity from fans since last year but only this year they managed to do it.The group is well-known for their transitions to cute and girl-next-door image through songs like "Shy Boy" and "Starlight Moonlight" after displaying a sexy image on their debut period back in 2009 and 2010. Secret won their very first music show award on M! Countdown Secret also managed to stay at number one on Music Bank for three consecutive weeks. During that timespan, Secret also won a Mutizen award on Inkigayo with their single, SHY BOY..on March, JIEUN made a solo comeback with GOING CRAZY and managed to dominate several major real time chart in Korea.. In June, they made a come back with STARLIGHT MOONLIGHT who made a same success as SHY BOY.. They had also debut in Japan and receive warm welcome from Japanese fans.. In October, they release their 1st album with single, LOVE IS MOVE.. SECRET now is also one of the A-List name in K-pop industry..


BEAST debuted in 2009 and had managed to build up their popularity since last year but actually it is this year that they are really becoming successful..It all thanks to their 1st album, FICTION and FACT that had been receiving generally positive reviews saying the group has utilized their full color that has been built up over their past mini-albums.Reviews of their Fiction and Fact album describing them as "one of the most vocally talented idol pop bands in Korea. Their single, FICTION was a huge success to them as the song had won several music shows like KBS MUSIC BANK, MNET COUNTDOWN, SBS INKIGAYO and MBC MUSIC CORE..2011 also marked their debut in Japan where they also made a success there..They also had a concert all over asia including Malaysia and recently they won the Artist of the Year (Daesang) award at the Melon Music Awards in 2011.


INFINITE is a seven member South Korean pop boy group under Woollim Entertainment, The group consists of 7 members: Sunggyu, Dongwoo, Woohyun, Hoya, Sungyeol, Myungsoo/L, and Sungjong.. The reason why I chose them as the most improved artist for 2011 is because last year, which is the year in which they debuted, they were really not successful and considered as underdog in K-Pop industry.. Peopla all are talking bout how TEEN TOP would go far this year and even me myself had the same thought..I didn't even include them as in my list last year but this year, things are totally not the same.. Starting in January 2011, INFINITE made a comeback with BEFORE THE DAWN (BTD). The song was reallllllly great..Seriously, first time dgr lagu tu rasa mcm xpcaya kumpulan baru yg nyanyi sbb sgt best n power.. Lagu ni jgk ada dance moves yg diber nama " Scorpion Dance " yg jadi ikutan sbb sgt susah nk dibuat..Start drpd lagu ni aku dh suspect yg dorg ni mmg bagus and boleh pegi jauh then dorg release plak 2nd single NOTHING'S OVER yg totally different from BTD but still sama jgk Bestttt sgt..and once again, dance moves dorg yg sgt best..One thing that I noticed and other fans and experts in K-Pop industry also noticed is that, INFINITE can dance really well and very synchronized but still they can deliver an awesome vocal especially by SUNGGYU and WOOHYUN..After that they release single CAN U SMILE yg sgtttt sweet and jgk best..

In July 2011, they release the 1st album OVER THE TOP, with their hit single, BE MINE..This song proved to be INFINITE'S lucky song as it had won them their 1st award in MNET COUNTDOWN and after that they also won SBS INKIGAYO.. After that, they release 2nd single, PARADISE which also made the same success as BE MINE as it won several awards in music shows.. At this point, they have placed themselves in the same level as other A-List artist in K-Pop industry.. Many senior artis like SNSD,BROWN EYED GIRLS and SUPER JUNIOR also named them as The Artist to be looked for
as they also found INFINITE possess strong talent both in dancing and singing..they also named as THE BEST IDOL OF 2011 for their continuous effort and success throughout the year until they reached the top now..So, it is clearly, they deserve to be crowned as 2011 MOST IMPROVED ARTIST..

Later, I will update other list...

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Since the 2011 nearly come to and end, as usual, ceh hahahah ..It's about time for me to list down the list of my favorite songs and artist for this year..And of course, I mean K-pop haha : P

2011 has been a great year for K-pop as it has begun to spread all over the world not only in Asian countries..People all over the world has started to embrace K-pop and the media - TV,Radio,magazines and newspaper , all of them has started to report and cover news about K-pop.. If you listen to the Radio these days, surely you will get to listen to K-pop songs such as from SUPER JUNIOR, SNSD, 2PM or BEAST.. Same goes to TV where we can see that there are also some programs about K-pop were being broadcasted..So, this is kinda interesting to me coz in just a year, K-pop has been able to spread and popular like this.. In everywhere I go now, be it in the LRT or Bus or in the Shopping Complex, people are either watching K-pop MV or listening to K-pop songs..

For this year, I decided to make things differently, I'm going to list down not only my usual list of my favorite K-pop artistes but I'm also going to make it into several categories..

So, as a start, let me list down the first list, which is the list for BEST ROOKIE:

K-pop Best Female Rookie 2011


CHOCOLAT debuted in August 2011 and consists of five members, three are mixed race Korean, (Juliane, Tia, Melanie), and the other two are Korean (Min Soa, Jae Yoon). Their debut single SYNDROME is really catchy and easy to be remembered and that's the reason why they've earned a spot in my list hehe.. Here's the MV for their debut single, SYNDROME:


5DOLLS is actually a sub-unit group of CO-ED SCHOOL and they comprises of 5 female members - Soomi,Chanmi,Hyoyoung,Hyewon & Eun-kyo. Chanmi was a former trainee under SM Entertainment and was supposed to be a part of original line up of Girls' Generation. They are under CORE CONTENTS MEDIA same like T-ARA,DAVICHI and SUPERNOVA. Among their singles are LIP STAINS, I MEAN YOU and LIKE OR THIS OR THAT.. I personally love I MEAN YOU & LIKE THIS OR THAT..Dunno why but they seems to be underrated coz to me, dorg ni best giler kot hehe Lagu dorg catchy and dorg pnya dance moves pun quite good actually..


DAL SHABET debuted in JANUARY this year and probably one of the most popular and succesful rookies this year..They quickly garnered the attention with their debut single called SUPA DUPA DIVA as the song was really catchy especially the chorus part " Supa-pa Dupa-pa Supa Dupa LaLa Diva-va Diva-va Supa-Boom" haha.. They are under HAPPY FACE ENTERTAINMENT which is actually a company of E-TRIBE, the man behind the sensational song by SNSD-GEE.. So no wonder lagu SUPA DUPA DIVA tu just as catchy as GEE.. Dorg ni consists of Viki (Leader), Serri, Ah Young, Jiyul, GaEun and Subin (Maknae). After success dgn debut single dorg, dorg release plak single seterusnya PINK ROCKET and few months after that BLING BLING.. Many industry experts as well as other k-pop artistes have named them as one of the rookies yg harus diperhatikan.. And recently, a poll conducted by one of the magazines in KOREA named them as the BEST NEW GIRL GROUP OF 2011..


RANIA debuted in April 2011 with their debut single DR FEEL GOOD.. The song was produced by TEDDY RILEY, the man behind 2NE1'S many hit singles like I Don't Care and the latest one, SNSD-The Boys.They comprises of Riko Joy Di T-ae Jooyi Xia and
Saem.Joy is Thai and also Riko was raised in Japan. All members speak fluent English, Korean, Thai, and Japanese. Before debuting, RaNia received three years worth of vocal training. I really really love DR FEEL GOOD sbb every time aku dgr jew lagu tu rasa sgt powerful and energetic and one of the members, JOOYI's voice is mind blowing sbb sgt best and power and sometimes mcm Christina Aguilera sikit2..After successful debut, TEDDY RILEY announced that he will no longer work with RANIA and after that dorg kluakan single mcm MASQUARADE and POP POP POP yg bole2 jela but not as good as DR FEEL GOOD..


And the winner is..... A-PINK hehe No doubt mmg dorgla THE BEST FEMALE ROOKIE of 2011.. Bkn aku jew yg rasa tp MNET ASIAN MUSIC AWARDS also named them as BEST NEW FEMALE ARTIST hehe A-PINK debuted in April 2011 with their first EP "Seven Springs of A Pink" and the Music Video for their debut single I DON'T KNOW also stars B2ST's Gi Kwang. A-pink is under CUBE ENTERTAINMNET like B2ST,G.NA, And 4MINUTE. They consist of Park Chorong (leader), Yoon Bomi, Jung Eunji, Son Naeun, Hong Yookyung, Kim Namjoo and Oh Hayoung.

Dorg ni ramai yg suka sbb dorg mcm bring back the memories of 90's and awal 2000-an pnya group mcm FIN K.L semua tu, With their innocent and girly concept, of course ramai org suka including me haha..Apart from I DON'T KNOW, other singles including IT GIRL,WISHLIST, LET US JUST LOVE and the latest and yg palimg aku suka MY MY..Best sgt lagu ni hehe..Since dor under CUBE ENTERTAINMNET so i supposed we could expect great things from them for the future..And among all the female rookies for this year, mmg obvious yg dorg plaing menyerlah and plaing bagus..

Compared to female, this year shows a dozens of male rookies in K-pop industry and each of them are very unique and good and I also had a problem to choose which one should I choose to be in my list. But, after considering all the things, here's the list of K-POP BEST MALE ROOKIE 2011:


10. N-Train

N-TRAIN is a boy band, signed under MediaLine Entertainment. The group consists of five members: Jung Jung Kyun, Jung Seung Hyun, Lee Jong Min, Song Yu Jin and Kim Sang Woo. They hope to break the idol group image of recording dance-type music, by directed their attention in recording R&B and soul-oriented music instead.And their 1st single is really good - ONE LAST CRY.. Even though the members might look like they are just like any other pretty face K-pop boy band or other dance group but actually each members have a really strong vocal and they really can sing.. They also had been nominated as one of the BEST NEW MALE ARTIST for the 2011 MNET ASIAN MUSIC AWARDS.


Well, this a kinda unique way of promoting or introducing a new group bcoz actually BANG YONG GUK/ BANG & ZELO is a sub unit of a new group that going to debut in 2012 called B.A.P.. They are under TS ENTERTAINMNET like SECRET..Prior to the B.A.P.'s debut, BANG YONG GUK was featured on labelmate SECRET's Song Jieun's song "Going Crazy". He then made his official solo debut on August 2011 with the single "I Remember", featuring Yo-seob of Beast and on December 2011, members ZELO and BANG YONG GUK debuted as a sub-unit of B.A.P., named BANG & ZELO with their single NEVER GIVE UP.. I actually can't wait for the debut of B.A.P coz judging from the singles after singles of BANG YONG GUK like GOING CRAZY, I REMEMBER and then with BANG &ZELO, NEVER GIVE UP I believe B.A.P surely will make an impact in 2012.. Personally I love BANG YONG GUK featuring in SONG JI EUN's GOING CRAZY.. dia mcm steal the lime light dlm lagu tu as he was so menonjol hehe

8. DOUBLE A ( AA )

DOUBLE A ( AA ) is a 5 member group consist of Woosang,Aoora,Kimchi,Juwon and Hoik and they are under WELLMADE STAR M..Their debut song, BECAUSE I'M CRAZY is realllly great.. Sgt addictive..The song actually is Aoora's own composed song..WOAHHHHH haha pretty great for a rookie..Aoora is said to have talent in composing music and songs and also posses great vocal and dance skills..While Woosang was previously a choreographer for SUPER JUNIOR .. No wonder dance moves dorg sgt best and powerful..Eventhough baru satu single but I belive they can go far..


MYNAME is actually better known as HWANHEE'S BOYS as they are created and trained by HWANHEE.. They comprises of 5 members- GUNWOO,INSOO,SEYONG,CHAENJI and JOONQ. They debuted with a single called MESSAGE.. This song is sooooo good..It can't get out of my head as it so catchy plus the dance moves are great.. I personally love GUNWOO's & INSOOO's voice... Nampak cam jambu tp suara dorg powerful n best..


HITT is actually an acronym for HERE IS THE TOP..The group debuted in July 2011 and they are under SONY MUSIC.. The group consists of six members: Hayong, Juntaek, Hyunjun, Howon, Wooram and Jaehoon..Their first single is GOOD NIGHT and the song easily catch people's heart as it was great and easy listening plus the vocals ability of them that is different compared to other k-pop male group..They have also been praised by other K-pop singers like 4MEN for their powerful and outstanding vocals.. Besides GOOD NIGHT, another single from them is I'LL ALWAYS LOVE YOU yg sgtttttttttttttttttttttt best hehe sweet giler lagu ni and vocal & hormanization dorg was superb in this song.. Personally sgt suka dgn vocal dorg smua..Especially HAYONG & HYUNJUN..

5. X-5

X-5 as the name says, is at number 5 on my list hehe They are under OPEN WORLD ENTERTAINMENT and consist of 5 members - GHUN.HAEWON,TAEFUNG,ZIN and SULHU.. GHUN shares the same birthday with me : ) huhu.. They are known as TALL DOLLS which means tall idols as their average height is 187 cm..WOAHHHHHH haha They debut with the album XENOS and their first single yg gilerrrrr pnya best is DON'T PUT ON AN ACT..This song is really good.. Powerful,easy to remember and kinda addictive too..Dance moves dorg pn sgt best..Many people said they resembles 2PM but I think they're different and has their own strengths.. And recently dorg release new single called DANGEROUS yg equally best as their first single..I love this group as they're not only depending in their good looks but also really good at singing and dancing..


BLOCK B is a seven member group under BRAND NEW STARDOM..The member consists of ZICO,JAEHYO,TAEIL,B-BOMB,U-KWON,P.O and KYUNG.. The name BLOCK B is actually a short term for blockbuster..They debuted on April 2011.. And their 1st single is FREEZE..Unfortunately, the single was banned by the Commission of Youth Protection because the organization felt that their lyrics expressed unwholesome dating methods.Ntah pape btol hehe So after that dorg release single seterusnya which is WANNA B..What's special about this group is that dorg a lil bit different compared to other groups sbb dorg pnya core is Hip Hop and Hip Hop dorg pn xla terlalu heavy sgt but still ada mixture of Pop and R&B sikit..Dlm group ni,member dorg semua boleh menyanyi and rap dgn bagus especially yg menonjol TAEIL and ZICO.. Vokal TAEIL tu sgt power and ada soul and ZICO plak probably is one of the greatest rapper among rookies for this year..Single dorg yg lain is TELL THEM..


HUH GAK is actually a winner of the 2nd season of SUPERSTAR K, a reality tv show equivalent to AMERICAN IDOL in Korea.. Since dia dlm show tu lagi dia mmg dh buktikan yg dia mmg ada vokal yg sgt power even though dia maybe xda rupa.. Debut single dia is HELLO yg tersangattttt la best..Plus MV dia yg sgt menarik and sedey jgk.. Pas success dgn HELLO, dia release plak sequel kpd lagu HELLO iaitu I TOLD YOU I WANNA DIE plus MV yg juga sequel kpd MV HELLO.. HUH GAK ni mmg bagus and he had also been named as BEST NEW MALE ARTSIT in 2011 MNET ASIAN MUSIC AWARDS.. Populariti dia jgk meningkat pas join KBS IMMORTAL SONG yg mana in this show, every week dia buktikan yg dia mmg versatil and boleh menari jgk ok even though agak comel badannya hehe..


BOYFRIEND debuted in May 2011..They are under STARSHIP ENTERTAINMENT like SISTAR and K-WILL..The members are DONGHYUN,JEONGMIN,HYUNSEONG,MINWOO and the twins, YOUNGMIN & KWANGMIN..Their 1st single is BOYFRIEND and the single is really cute n catchy and quickly garnered the attention of fans together with their cute dance moves..Mmg aku akui pada mulanya mcm xbrapa berkenan dgn dorg sbb mcm cute sgt utk seorg laki mcm aku nk minat dorg ni kan haha tapi pas dgr bnyk kali lagu ni mmg best and dorg pun talented coz every member can actually sing and dance well..I personally like JEONGMIN,DONGHYUN and HYUNSEONG's voice..Sgt powerful and sedap.. Follow-up single dorg is YOU & I yg a lil bit different with BOYFRIEND abd also best..Then in OCTOBER 2011, they release their 2nd single yg SGTTT best n cool, DON'T TOUCH MY GIRL.. This time dorg come back with a more masculine look n vibe yg bwatkan aku xsegan lagi nk minat dorg haha.. Dorg jgk bnyk dicalonkan sbgai BEST NEW ARTIS in various award show this year and in a poll conducted by SBS MTV BEST OF THE BEST, they had been chosen as THE BEST NEW ARTIST.. Recently dorg release the newest single yg bestttttttt sgt titled, I'LL BE THERE..Well, actually I had trouble to select between them and the group that i had choose to be in the no/1 spot coz both of them are really good and equally deserve to be at no 1 to me..Pening gak pikir mana satu kan sbb kalo bole mcm nk letak dua2 kat no 1 hehe..

And at no 1, they are......

1. B1A4

YES, they are the group that I choose as K-POP BEST MALE ROOKIE for 2011..After having trouble to decide between them and BOYFRIEND, I finally decided that the are the one who deserved this place. B1A4 consists of BARO,JINYOUNG,SANDEUL,CNU and GONGCHAN.They are under WM ENTERTAINMENT which is a newly formed company and also one of the reasons why I chose them as the best male rookie for this year since they're coming from a company that don't really have any reputation or name yet but managed to success..Their group name, B1A4, has been explained as being due to one member (Baro) having B blood type, and the other four (Jinyoung, Gongchan, CNU, Sandeul) having A blood type. It also stands for "Be The One, All For One".B1A4 have been dubbed "countryside-dols" by Korean media, because all the members originate from the Korean countryside, another wow factor coz dorg just bdk kg je semua tp really talented hehe

Their 1st single is OK yg sgt fun and catchy..1st time dgr aku dh suka lagu ni sbb tertarik dgn concept lagu dorg yg simple,fun tp poweful coz vokal SANDEUL sgt power..Tinggi sgt suara dia..Vokal JINYOUNG pn sgt best sbb sgt RnB..CNU pn ada vokal yg best and rap drpd BARO jgn ckpla, mmg best giler..Tak sangka suara dia besar haha Pas OK, dorg relase 2nd single yg SGTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT Best, ONLY LEARNED BAD THINGS, aku suka sgt lagu ni and MV dia..mmg best sgt2..Pernah aku post psl lagu ni few months ago dkt blog ni jgk...Pastu in September 2011 dorg release new single called, BEAUTIFUL TARGET yg best n cute at the same time haha and recently dorg release next single MY LOVE yg jgk best gilerrr..Dorg ni mmg bersaing kuat dgn BOYFRIEND taun ni sbb boleh kata dorg debut lbk krg sama and sentiasa berlawan2 releasekan single.. Dorg jgk sama mcm BOYFRIEND nominated in various awards show and been named as HOT DEBUT STAR of SBS MTV BEST OF THE BEST.. Plus point utk dorg compared to BOYFRIEND is dorg dhpun promote in JAPAN and they have been receiving warm response from japanese fans...And recently, they have received ROOKIE OF THE YEAR AWARD by JAPAN TOWER RECORDS and also WAVE K SUPER ROOKIE FOR 2012..So mmg layakla dorg ni digelar K-POP BEST MALE ROOKIE OF 2011..

Ok for now..Later on I will update about other list also..