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I'm going to list down some of the 2011's Best Drama Mv..Here's the list:



This MV is full of emotion.. It's about the guy who have died but still cannot leave his lover and thus still be around her everyday even though she couldn't see him..And the girl still cannot forget about his lover and always thinkin bout him and sometimes she feels like he is just around her..The guy feel reluctant to leave the girl and longing to come back to his lover but he can't.. Seriously this MV is so sad to me..Plus the great vocal that is so emotional and expressive..


This is one of the creepiest MV I've ever seen..Creepy + Heart touching I must say..It's about this guy who are ugly and probably had some kind of disease that makes him becoming weird in terms of looks and because of that he's been treated like an alien and being hid in a prison ..I feel sad for the guy,he liked the girl because she saved him from the prison but she was the one who killed him too.This is such a sad mv...


This is also another meaningful MV as it contains many symbolism..One can have various interpretation when thEy watch this MV..My impression is that the married woman is older sister to the younger, blind girl, who is fascinated by the world she’s not exactly a part of (her sister and brother in-law’s life). Curiously, she gets to know their world by touching and smelling them and everything around them (which, I must agree, would make anyone uncomfortable!). It’s easy to sympathize with both parties — the older sister being led to unbearable frustration by misinterpreting her sister’s actions as an interest in her husband, and the younger girl, who simply wants to join in all she’s missing out on, naturally wanting to grow up.. Whatever it is this is a really good MV..


This MV also another great MV as it is full od drama and love story..It started with the guy who's being chased away probably bcoz he ha done some thing bad or crime and she bumped into this girl and hold her to hide away form being caught, and eventually they fell in love and one day the guy being chased once again and got caught and the girl had to live alone..She always thinkin bout that guy even after few years In think and always hope that she will meet him once again..So one day when she walk in the town she heard the music that the guy used to play for her but when she went to the place, she didn't see the guy and walked away when actually it is the guy that she loves that played the music ..So sad..


This is one of the saddest MV to me..Full of emotion and the MV really do justice to this beautiful song..It clearly conveys the meaning of the song well..It started with the girl go to the house of his ex- bf that are now happy with his gf/wife probably..She determined to revenge on her ex and the ex upon seeing her doesn't feel guilty or what but instead laughing and doesn't care about his ex.And then the girl remembers back the time when they were so happy together and the best part of this mv I think is when the girl compares the difference in look of her ex's face when they were in love and now when he has a new woman in his life..This MV is so sad and at the end the scene where the girl cried out her heart was really heart breaking for me..


This is another great MV.. This video tells the story of a girl who is in the hospital, because they think she's crazy. Everyone says he is her father, because he is a man older than her. But he is her lover. In the end she cries because she realizes that he will not return.. IU's beautiful voice and the storyline of the MV is definitely a great combination..


This is one of the best drama MV for this year..It is full of drama..Watching it makes me feel like I'm watching a korean drama instead of a MV..Full of tension,love,suspense and all those things that u will normally found in a drama..The actor also did a great job in this MV and his acting is so great until u feel like u want to cry seeing his acting..The ending was so sad, and i got goosebumps when the girl had to see the dead body of his lover..


This MV shouldn't be called an MV but rather a Mini Drama..haha The duration is about 16 minutes.. But the MV was so good..Full of drama..It's about this girl whose been raised up by a man whose actually the one who killed her father when she was a kid..She lives happily and starting to love the man as her father and friend without knowing the truth..The man also love the girl like his own daughter but still feel guilty over the death of the girl's father..One day the girl found out that the man is actually the one who killed her father and being forced to kill the man but she didn't have the heart to do it.. So sad and suspense..


This MV is so sad.. And definitely like a Korean drama..It started when the guy found a garbage bag in front of his house that consists of a girl in it..He saved the girl and the girl lived with him until the two started to harbor feelings towards each other..The guy feel happy as the girl seems like the one who is sent to heal his heart as he had lost his GF that was being kidnapped few years ago.. Suddenly one day he got a call from a mysterious guy who asked him the girl in his house now as an exchange for his gf who had lost few years ago..In the end the guy chose to sacrifice the girl for his gf..It is so sad when the girl begging to the guy not to leave her and hand her over to tha bad guy..


This is definitely the best drama MV for this year..It is made into 2 series of video and since they are related, I put them together as 2011 K-POP BEST DRAMA MV..A very very sad and overall touching piece. Along with Huh Gak’s emotional voice, this MV can move people to tears TT_TT..

This 2-part MV starts with the two best friends Hyun Jin and Junhyung spying on some gangster guys (let’s call them Gang A) because Gang A had killed Hyun Jin’s father previously and they were waiting for the opportunity to excrete revenge. As they discuss their plan for revenge, Junhyung spots Sora attempting to commit suicide and they hurriedly rush over to stop her. Sora sees Hyun Jin and falls in love with him at first sight, and vice versa. As the days go by, Hyun Jin gradually spends more and more time with Sora, neglecting his plan of avenging his father. One night, Junhyung spots an opportune time to attack Gang A and tries relentlessly to contact Hyun Jin, who at that moment was spending quality time with Sora. Unable to get Hyun Jin, Junhyung decides to take things into his own hands and attempts to attack Gang A, only to wind up getting thrashed himself.

Upon learning what had happened, Hyun Jin rushes over after saying goodbye to Sora, only to be greeted by an angry and battered-up Junhyung. Anger clouds his mind, and he heads over to Gang A for revenge. Meanwhile, the blissfully ignorant Sora awaits him at the bus stop and sends him a message which she never got a reply for. Despite being severely outnumbered, Hyun Jin tackles some gangsters from Gang A. Just when he was on the verge of collapsing, Junhyung arrives to help, and the two best friends together fight for their lives. Just as everything seemed to be going well for the two friends, a member from Gang A appears in front of Hyun Jin, wanting to show something in his wallet to him. Blinded by anger, he plunges at the gangster and punches him till he dies, only then finally realizing what the man had been trying to show him - a photo of him and Sora. Appalled and shocked at the fact that he had just singlehandedly killed Sora’s father, another gangster took advantage of his dazedness and backstabbed him twice. Junhyung flings the guy away, but while pushing Hyun Jin out of the way, he himself got stabbed by the gangster and dies.

Hyun Jin stumbles out and drives away to see Sora for one last time before he dies, who had been getting more and more upset as she waited, slowly beginning to believe that Hyun Jin had abandoned her. Obviously in no condition to drive, Hyun Jin accidentally drove on the wrong side of the road, crashing into a car just as he was approaching the bus stop. Determined to see her for one last time, he painfully crawls over to the bus stop where Sora was supposed to be. But it was empty. He finally dies, full of regrets.. Definitely, THE 2011 K-POP BEST DRAMA MV..

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