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Ok now, I'm going to list down 2011 BEST SUB UNIT,so here there are:



AFTER SCHOOL RED is actually a sub unit group of AFTER SCHOOL in which the 'red' sub-unit features a firm, powerful sexy concept. The member of the Red unit are KAHI, JUNG AH, UEE and NANA. Their single is IN THE NIGHT SKY.. What's good about them is that they really embody the concept of a powerful sexy lady well thru their songs and their dance moves..


If AFTER SCHOOL RED features the firm,powerful sexy concept, AFTER SCHOOL BLUE carries a totally opposite concept as the 'blue' sub-unit have a cute and bright concept. The blue unit are JOOYEON, RAINA, LIZZY and E-YOUNG. Their single is WONDER BOY. Compared to AFTER SCHOOL RED, I love them more coz vocally, they are much stronger thanks to the existence of RAINA in this sub unit hehe and WONDER BOY to me a lil bit more catchy than IN THE NIGHT SKY.


Haha another AFTER SCHOOL sub unit hehe Nak wat camana, dorg jew yg rajin bwat sub unit ni hehe ORANGE CARAMEL is another sub unit of AFTER SCHOOL which actually debuted last year. For 2011, the have released 3 singles, BANGKOK CITY, SHANGHAI ROMANCE and FUNNY HUNNY..Each of the single is really catchy and fun..I think I personally love them more than AFTER SCHOOL haha coz dorg sentiasa come up with a bright and fun concept and lagu dorg smua best2..Not to forget, the dance moves yg cute sgt...

2. SISTAR 19

SISTAR 19 is a sub unit of SISTAR and debuted in MAY 2011 with their crazily & addictively single MA BOY.. SISTAR 19 Consists of BORA and HYORIN..MA BOY was a huge a success and really catch the attention of fans all over the world thanks to the cathcy songs and sexy wave dance moves haha Serius best giler lagu ni dgn dance moves dia every time dgr msti rasa nk ikut jgk bwat wave tu " MA BOY...OH MA BOY.. BABY" haha


TROUBLE MAKER is a sub unit group created by CUBE ENTERTAINMENT which consists of HYUN SEUNG from BEAST and HYUNA from 4MINUTE.They can be considered as the best sub unit this year as they have a really strong concept that make people forget totally their respective group.. The single TROUBLE MAKER quickly gain attention and had won
a MNet M! Countdown award for 2 consecutive weeks.. The sexy and provocative dance moves plus the uniqueness of the beat of the songs is the factor for the success of this sub unit besides the unexpected chemistry between HYUNA & HYUN SEUNG.The mv is also great as it was very mysterious..

So now is the list for 2011 MOST IMPROVED ARTIST, the criteria for this category is those who in the previous year can be considered as nothing or not the A-List singers in K-Pop industry but this year managed to establish themselves as one of the big names in K-Pop industry..Also, those who have made or bring a totally different concept than what they had been doing before..So here's the list:



SUNNY HILL originally had three members — Janghyun, Seungah, and Jubee, then added a fourth member, named Kota, and later in 2011 a fifth, named Misung. They debuted in 2007 and their music was described as warm and sunny, just like their name. Their goal was to load off your mind in music without necessarily winning any awards. So tha's why before this dorg kurang dpt perhatian and terkenal.. In 2010, dorg ada feature dlm lagu NARSHA - MAMMA MIA and the group got the name Narsha group since they weren't well known and a lot people asked who they were In 2011, they come back with a whole new concept with their single MIDNIGHT CIRCUS..This time they managed to break out of their old concept and gain attention form the fans..They received a lot of praise and attention for their transformation and especially their Ijin Dance, in which they wipe their fingers from the left to the right on the ground.. The song itself was really good, dark and sometimes kalo xkena gaya rasa cm seram pn ada haha very mysterious especially MV dia.. Best sgt.. After that, dorg release 2nd single, PRAY yg jgk best but the MV was really creepy to me huhu sgt interesting but scary haha..


SISTAR is a four-member South Korean girl group under the management of Starship Entertainment. The members are: Hyorin, Bora, Soyu and Dasom. They debuted last year but not really successful that year.. But this year is probably the luckiest year for them as they are now standing in the same level as other big names in K-Pop industry.. Starting from their sub unit SISTAR19 who were loved by many people to the appearance of HYORIN in KBS IMMORTAL SONGS that probably being the biggest factor that have contributed to their success now.HYORIN had managed to show and introduce SISTAR to the viewers of that show by her powerful vocal and performance each week that also had earned her the title " BEYONCE of Korea".. She totally the best contestants in that show and managed to get new fans and followers from that show.. SISTAR then release their first studio album with no 1 hit single, SO COOL..The single was really successful thanks to the effort of HYORIN..Now, SISTAR are considered as one of the big names in K-Pop industry.


SECRET is a four member group debuted in 2009 with members HYOSUNG,JIEUN,SUNHWA,and ZINGER.. They had been struggling to gain attention and popularity from fans since last year but only this year they managed to do it.The group is well-known for their transitions to cute and girl-next-door image through songs like "Shy Boy" and "Starlight Moonlight" after displaying a sexy image on their debut period back in 2009 and 2010. Secret won their very first music show award on M! Countdown Secret also managed to stay at number one on Music Bank for three consecutive weeks. During that timespan, Secret also won a Mutizen award on Inkigayo with their single, SHY BOY..on March, JIEUN made a solo comeback with GOING CRAZY and managed to dominate several major real time chart in Korea.. In June, they made a come back with STARLIGHT MOONLIGHT who made a same success as SHY BOY.. They had also debut in Japan and receive warm welcome from Japanese fans.. In October, they release their 1st album with single, LOVE IS MOVE.. SECRET now is also one of the A-List name in K-pop industry..


BEAST debuted in 2009 and had managed to build up their popularity since last year but actually it is this year that they are really becoming successful..It all thanks to their 1st album, FICTION and FACT that had been receiving generally positive reviews saying the group has utilized their full color that has been built up over their past mini-albums.Reviews of their Fiction and Fact album describing them as "one of the most vocally talented idol pop bands in Korea. Their single, FICTION was a huge success to them as the song had won several music shows like KBS MUSIC BANK, MNET COUNTDOWN, SBS INKIGAYO and MBC MUSIC CORE..2011 also marked their debut in Japan where they also made a success there..They also had a concert all over asia including Malaysia and recently they won the Artist of the Year (Daesang) award at the Melon Music Awards in 2011.


INFINITE is a seven member South Korean pop boy group under Woollim Entertainment, The group consists of 7 members: Sunggyu, Dongwoo, Woohyun, Hoya, Sungyeol, Myungsoo/L, and Sungjong.. The reason why I chose them as the most improved artist for 2011 is because last year, which is the year in which they debuted, they were really not successful and considered as underdog in K-Pop industry.. Peopla all are talking bout how TEEN TOP would go far this year and even me myself had the same thought..I didn't even include them as in my list last year but this year, things are totally not the same.. Starting in January 2011, INFINITE made a comeback with BEFORE THE DAWN (BTD). The song was reallllllly great..Seriously, first time dgr lagu tu rasa mcm xpcaya kumpulan baru yg nyanyi sbb sgt best n power.. Lagu ni jgk ada dance moves yg diber nama " Scorpion Dance " yg jadi ikutan sbb sgt susah nk dibuat..Start drpd lagu ni aku dh suspect yg dorg ni mmg bagus and boleh pegi jauh then dorg release plak 2nd single NOTHING'S OVER yg totally different from BTD but still sama jgk Bestttt sgt..and once again, dance moves dorg yg sgt best..One thing that I noticed and other fans and experts in K-Pop industry also noticed is that, INFINITE can dance really well and very synchronized but still they can deliver an awesome vocal especially by SUNGGYU and WOOHYUN..After that they release single CAN U SMILE yg sgtttt sweet and jgk best..

In July 2011, they release the 1st album OVER THE TOP, with their hit single, BE MINE..This song proved to be INFINITE'S lucky song as it had won them their 1st award in MNET COUNTDOWN and after that they also won SBS INKIGAYO.. After that, they release 2nd single, PARADISE which also made the same success as BE MINE as it won several awards in music shows.. At this point, they have placed themselves in the same level as other A-List artist in K-Pop industry.. Many senior artis like SNSD,BROWN EYED GIRLS and SUPER JUNIOR also named them as The Artist to be looked for
as they also found INFINITE possess strong talent both in dancing and singing..they also named as THE BEST IDOL OF 2011 for their continuous effort and success throughout the year until they reached the top now..So, it is clearly, they deserve to be crowned as 2011 MOST IMPROVED ARTIST..

Later, I will update other list...

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